Thinking about getting your first family pet?

It can be a difficult decision and there are may aspects to be taken into consideration. Are you an active person? Do you have kids? Do you have a lot of time to spend with your new friend?

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Tired of your untrainable pet?

Just like us, dogs have personalities, they have anxieties and wishes, good days and bad days, they can be stubborn or difficult, strong-willed or too lazy.

Every problem can be solved!



Feeling too cold or tired to go training?

Maybe you have a busy schedule or maybe you have health problems. Your pet needs constant care even when you are not in your best shape.

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I can help you to expose your dog's natural and true personality!

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I am always available for a dog in need! 
You can reach me on my cell: +45 81 46 84 28