Amir's Sunny


I have been using Libi Ziv as a dog sitter for my beloved 8yo Labrador Retriever Sunny. Since moving to Denmark over 7 years ago, it has been very difficult to manage work, travel and taking care of a large dog. I was always scrambling to ask  friends for favors, finding the right kennel, which was never right in order allow me to continue with my work duties and maintaining my pet. Finding Libi made my life so much easier, I know I have someone I can trust with Sunny, someone who is flexible and accommodating to my changing and demanding needs. But above all Sunny feels comfortable and happy with Libi and I do not have to worry so much while being away from her knowing that she is in good caring hands.

Jennifer's Simba

‘I have used Libi’s services for many months now while in Copenhagen. She is kind and generous and very flexible when needed which really helped me out a lot with the demands of my job and a dog who hates being alone. My dog Simba just loves a day out with Libi and the others. She is also reasonably priced in comparison to other options’ 

Kornelija with Ethan


I confirm that Libi Ziv has helped me with my dog training. 

We had several lessons, where she helped me with basic dog training sit, eat, wait, heel, down etc. She was very professional and helped me to understand how a dog is thinking and what the dog expects from his owner. She gave me very useful and valuable information, one could not find in books or on the Internet. I liked her work methods, as she does not use techniques, which might hurt a dog. Her dog is a great example of her work, as he is trained very well. I liked that she uses her dog to show, how commands should be done.

I would definitely recommend her for those, who have dogs, want to train them and understand their behavior better. My dog and me have learned many things and it became easier for us to understand each other.

She was very caring about our progress and was calling to see how it is going.

She has also taken a great care of my dog for 10 days while I was on holidays.

If you would like to know something more I will be glad to answer any questions.

Kornelija Katinaite -

Polly with Popple


Although we adore our dog, Popple, she was making life quite difficult for us, until we met and started working with Libi Ziv. Since we began training with her, Popple has become a lot calmer and easier to leave alone in the house. She’s also a happier and more obedient dog. Better than that, we also understand her a lot better and can anticipate what she needs/how to handle her. In addition to training, Libi has also dogsat for us numerous times, both in the day and overnight. Popple adores Libi and hates going to kennels, so being able to leave Popple with Libi has been a godsend for us. In addition to the peace of mind we get from leaving Popple with someone we know and trust, we also know she has a great time, rather than being locked up in kennels. Libi is also cheaper and offers a more convenient service than kennels we’ve used before. I can’t recommend Libi more highly. 

Polly Phillips, owner of popple, 4 year old beagle…

Tiago & Sara with Zola


Libi has been amazing with us.

My lovely English Cocker spaniel was super active, noisy and we were having troubles since we moved in to the city.

After few days of first training, we immediately started observing the differences.

She is much calmer, relaxed, listening to our commands and neighbours are now smiling to us.

Mostly, understanding our dog was the most important step, and you will feel surprised how much you didn't understand from the pretty eyes to yelp noises.

I am glad that we have Libi around even for our weekends escapes.

A dog trained is so much more fun!

Tiago & Sara -

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.   I am always available for a dog in need! 
You can reach me at my phone: +45 81 46 84 28

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