My name is Libi Ziv


I was born and grew up in Israel. Since my childhood I have had a special connection with dogs and instinctively understood them. However, my first pet was a cat, which we got when I was 10!


In 2001, I completed a dog psychology course that taught me how to understand dogs' minds, and I found out I had the right instincts and a natural aptitude for dog training. This also qualified me to train dog trainers and I would like to start a school one day.


Today I am a professional Dog Psychologist & Trainer

and a student of human psychology in the Israeli open university.


Working with me is my dog Puddles, an 11 years old puddle terrier mix that I have known since he was 1 week old. He has been with me from when he was 7 weeks to the present day. He came with me from Israel and he's keeping me company anywhere I go.


In the pictures you can also see Ella, a golden shepherd mix that we got for rehabilitation when she was 7. She stayed with us, and came with us to Germany, where she died of a very advanced cancer at the age of 13. 

Ella was a gentle soul that loved and respected all animals. 


The cat in the picture was a street cat I named Tully that used to come on walks with us, and some times even home with us, until he disappeared one day. 


I believe that what I do can benefit both dogs and their people: 


* Dogs like to work! - so teach them how to help you


* Thinking about taking a dog? It's a big decision!

   Better to match the age and energy with your life style!


My motivation comes from knowing:


* Every problem has a solution! For example:

  Destroying the house when alone - abandonment issues...

  Doesn't listen - let's work on bonding!

  Barks a lot - let's help him relax.


My Motto:


* Puppy / dog Training with fun, not fear!

   Positive reinforcement, toys and treats work the best and make the                training fun for you both!


I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.   I am always available for a dog in need! 
You can reach me at my phone: +45 81 46 84 28

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